My Refurbishing Tips

I've had many people ask how I refurbish, what type of paint I use, what kinds of brushes I use, how I protect my pieces from scratches so well, etc. etc... So, I thought I would share some of my techniques and products with you.

My Paint Choice
I like to use paint with a flat finish. Most brands are good, but my favorite so far has been Clark and Kensington with primer in it (by Ace Hardware).
Flat paint is the best because it doesn't pull like paint with sheen in it.
For example, if you start painting with sheen-paint and it begins to dry before your finished rolling it on, it can pull up or off when you roll over it again. So unless it's completely dry, you can't paint over it when you notice a small spot that you've missed, and it can be VERY frustrating.
Also, Ace Hardware has "Free Paint Saturday" a few times a year which I post on my Facebook page.
When painting, don't forget to paint the inside of the drawer area.
This way when the drawers are closed all the way in, it will be a clean transition.
Lastly, the easiest part is to admire your beautiful hard work! Then decide to sell or keep!
Let me know if you have any more questions!
I'm more than happy to share my tips and tricks with you.
Thank you for reading!

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