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Hello and Welcome to my blog!
A bit about me...
I live in the Seattle, WA area and love it here. Contrary to popular belief, the weather here is really nice with mild seasons. I have traveled to warm climates like Mexico, humid places on the east coast such as Florida and the Wash DC area, and I've been to beautiful places like Italy, but there's just nothing like home. We have sea water, lush green backdrops in every direction, mountains to hike, and an active city.  It's fun without the floods or hurricanes, or extreme heat waves, or miles of piles of snow, or snakes and grody bugs. So ya, I like it here.
I am married to my best friend, who doesn't mind helping me move furniture, a definite keeper. Plus he puts up with all my arts and crafts crap spread out all over our home. I try to keep it tidy and in one place, but it just happens...
We have the cutest little wiener dog named Skinny. And yes, we call him Skinny. He had back surgery when he was only 4 and the vet said he needed to lose weight so he's been on a diet since then. He's now 13 and remains the perfect wiener dog weight!
I recently took a how-to-fly-a-Cessna lesson... and survived.

 I learned how to snorkel for the first time in my life this past summer in Hilo, HI.
My sister took this picture and it totally cracks me up! Not only because of the funny life jacket I'm wearing in these really shallow pools, but also because I'm wearing shoes that are ten sizes too big for me and they were made of thick foam, meaning they were extremely buoyant! You can see they are literally sticking out of the water, making it hard to put my feet back down! 
So basically I was just stuck there, unable to stand back up! STUCK I SAY!
My family still makes fun of me because of my "extreme" snorkeling.
Needless to say, it was one of the best times of my life.
In the summer months, my hubby and I like to ride our motorcycles around town. He likes to race his, but I'm a sensible rider, for the most part  :P
For many years I worked in elementary and early education until switching to home life, furniture fun, and blogging.
My goal with this blog is to share my furniture ideas and upcycle projects with you and hope to inspire you with your own. I will add helpful Tips and How-Tos along the way and please share your ideas and projects with me too!
Thanks for visiting!

-Jennifer aka Sophisticated Junk Pile


  1. Hi Jennifer! Do you put your items up for sale? How do I go about buying a piece? What if I want you to make something specific? Thanks!

    1. Hi Bridgid N, yes, I put all my finished pieces up for sale on my SJP Facebook page as well as Seattle's Craigslist. As for specific items it depends. I work on pieces that I happen to come across that need love and updating, so to find a specific piece may not happen. However, I also do custom work on owners' pieces that they want in specific colors and such. Hope that helps! Feel free to email (or private message in Facebook) me what you're looking for and we can talk. Thanks for asking! -Jennifer @SophisticatedJunkPile


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