Thursday, June 11, 2015

Round Inlay Chess Table; Updated and Restained

Round Inlay Chess Table; Updated and Restained

I found this old chess table on Craigslist and instantly saw the potential. 

After I added primer to the legs, I decided to sand the top so I could stain it.

Look how pretty the raw inlaid wood is! Beauuuu-Tyyyy!

Color choice for the legs is a custom-mixed teal... But as I was mixing it, I noticed this little bottle of metallic gold that I had from a previous project. And only at that point did I think to make the carved details stand out. So obvious now, right?! Better late than never I guess.

Now on to the top... 
After I primed the apron, I stained the inlay with a dark walnut. 

Then I stained the outside of the checker board again with an even darker (cherry color) stain for more contrast and painted the apron white. 

And of course, the entire piece was sealed for protection with semi-gloss polyurethane.

And there's another piece of Sophisticated Junk!
Would you play chess or checkers on this???
Thanks for looking! 

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