Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gray Dresser -A Butler's Desk- with pop of Turquoise

Ugh! I'm kicking myself! I can't believe I forgot to take a before photo of this piece.
I found this Drexel dresser on Craigslist and knew it would have good bones and construction.

But it was soooo icky when I picked it up (yet, I still loved it so had to have it). The wood had water stains, was terribly scratched, the varnish was old and goopy like, it had that old-musty-library stench, and just generally speaking... it was a wreck!

This is the ONLY picture I have that shows a bit of its nastiness. See all the scratches?

I had to start with shellac primer to get rid of the intense nostril-offending smell. After wiping off what seemed to be 100 years worth of dust.

The drawers too... and clear shellac is perfect for the inside.

Then I picked a nice, soft, neutral gray to update the piece.

Ok... while the first coat of paint was drying... on to the funner part... the desk...

After taking the door part off, I had to figure out how to get that green organizer part out because I wanted to paint it as well as the inside and back of the drawer. And of course, different colors.

It slid out to about here, then it was stuck. I mean like really stuck, and I didn't want to pull too hard and end up breaking it.

So I pushed it back in and sanded the top to create more space.

Then it FINALLY came out! Seemed like it took forever. 
I'm not exactly a patient person. I wanted it out in 5 seconds, but it actually took closer to 10 minutes. 

I used spray primer, then turquoise for that pop of color!

Then primed and painted the inside area.

And I didn't forget about the inside edges.

After adding another coat of paint, I sealed the entire piece (including the now turquoise organizer part) with semi-gloss poly for protection.

And put it back together.

Now I LOVE this Sophisticated Junk piece!!!
I lined the drawers with gray and white chevron paper and in case you're wondering, the entire dresser smells great!
What do you think?

Thanks for looking!!!


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