Monday, July 7, 2014

Coral Nightstands

I recently had a really great client ask me if I could redo her nightstands to match her new bedroom makeover. She started out with two of these black, poorly painted (by someone unknown on craigslist) nightstands. The only thing they had going for them in this state was that they were structurally sound, and had potential.
Like I said, they were poorly painted, especially on top. My husband sanded the globs of grodiness off.
Then of course, primer. Two coats, just to make sure the new paint would stick easily. 
My paint also had primer in it so I knew I was good to go.
This is the bedding she bought and asked if I could make the nightstands match.  
I LOVED these colors and it's the biggest reason I took the job! 
The colors on her bedroom wall were the lightest blue, her curtains were navy, and her headboard was an off-white.
 I chose to make the nightstands the coral color to add that pop of brightness in her room. I painted the top of the nightstands a custom off-white because I wanted to add some detailing to it later. But you can already see they are a hundred times better looking.

Ok, so here's my first problem... 
And if you're going to repaint and older piece of furniture, chances are you will have this happen to you too...

When these were painted black, this gap in the wood wasn't obvious at all. In fact, I didn't even know it was there until I painted them this much lighter color. Now, totally obvi! Ew!

Here's the fix...
1. Take some caulking (almost any kind will work) and run it along the gap
2. Immediately wet your finger (or glove) and run it along to smooth it out
3. Let it dry, then you can paint it. Gap gone!

Anyway, back to my top design...
I taped off some sections because I knew I wanted to add the other colors so the nightstands would coordinate with the rest of her room, and the bedding as she requested. 
I added some navy, some of the lighter blue, and the coral.

And taaahh daahhh!!
Sophistication complete.
What do you think?

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