Monday, March 14, 2016

Chandelier Planter -A DIY tutorial-

I found this idea from a gal named Roeshel, on her DIY Show Off blog and fell in love with it. 

A chandelier planter for my deck. Ahhh, how romantic. And just my style. 
Waaaay better than those plastic bucket/pot types that lack personality.

My original plan was to find an old brass (or any metal) one for cheap and spray paint it turquoise, but while on my hardcore search, all I could find was this white one made of glass. Granted I only searched for two days and couldn't wait any longer to find another cheapo, so this was it. 
I was in a hurry to get this planter party started! You know how that goes.

I basically followed most of the steps from Roeshel's blog with a few differences. 
So here goes...

Buy a cheap chandelier. Mine happened to be new, but a used one is perfect too. I found mine on Craigslist.

 Get to the wiring and cut it out, or at least trim it down so you can't see it.

 You're going to want to invest in some Goop (or something similar) to seal any crevices so water can't find its way in. Like the wire's hole. I suppose if water did get in, it wouldn't really do any harm. I just don't like the thought of possible mold or who-knows-what stuck down in that hole, so I sealed it.

Find the saucer parts and stick them on, using the adhesive. Also sealing them so water doesn't leak from the bottom when you water your flower pots. 

I used soup cans to prop my chandelier on. Actually, I think they were cans of beans, but you get the idea. And a little towel padding because this chandelier is glass after all.

So while my saucer parts are setting (Goop dries fairly quickly), I worked on my pots.
I used LeakSeal by Rust-Oleum to coat the inside of my pots. Remember, clay pots are porous so when you fill them with water, it could potentially create bubbles under your paint job. And if said bubbles get big enough, they could pop or crack and make your beautiful hard work not so beautiful anymore. 
Probably not a big deal, but I took the extra step to seal them anyway. 

Then of course paint... I chose white...

Then you will want to use some waterproof bonding/repair putty. 

 And stick it to the bottom of your pots to create a gap between the pot and saucer to let water drain out.

Like this...

NOTE: If I had found a metal chandelier to begin with, I would've glued (or puttied) my pots on and then spray painted the whole thing turquoise outside like Roeshel did on her DIY Show Off blog.
But since I found a glass one, I just decided to leave it white. What do you think... should I have painted it?

Anyway, then I left my awesome creation to set and dry...

 While I went shopping for moisture control potting mix and FLOWERS! The bestest, most funnest part! 

Put it all together... 

And enjoy the BEAUTY!!!

Here it is on my little deck! What do you think?

And here's the quick 30-second transformation...


 Thoughts? And please let me know if you make one too! I would love to see it!


  1. Yours looks so pretty, Jennifer! Love the color! Beautiful work! And thank you SO much for the shout out too! xo

    1. Well thank YOU for the compliment! and the idea! I Can't wait to work on another one of you project ideas...


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