Friday, May 2, 2014

Antique Book Table

This cute little antique book table is the perfect size to sit next to the chaise
 but it was also uberboring in it's original state. 
I gave it a good wipe down so the primer would stick.
Then I couldn't decide on color so I asked my Facebook followers to decide for me.
It was a VERY close race, but Surfer Blue won over the Berry Blush so I went with it.
I left the top primed so I could decoupage it with some dictionary pages. 
{If you're wondering how to decoupage, 
check out my Turquoise End Tables and my cute little Nightstand. You can find all the details there}

And since the Berry Blush was such a close second, I chose to add it to the legs.

Once dry, I poly'd it up and done! Here's a quick video of the entire process!

The result... Not sure if I would call this one Sophisticated, but it's definitely not boring anymore!

 What do you think?

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