Monday, April 21, 2014

Chartreuse End Table -Too Bright or Just Right?!

 I found this 1960's end table from a local consignment shop. 
The table was faded and a bit scratched up, but structurally sound and I loved the details.
 I had to sand it down to remove, or at least improve, the deep scratches. Then I added primer.
I knew the details would really stand out with some color and I've been wanting to use this bright chartreuse for a long time, and you know me, I like color so this was it! My chance to go bold!
I also picked an accent color because you also know I like adding designs.
After adding three coats on the table, I taped it off to add the accent stripes, 
then sealed it to create those perfectly straight lines.
Once the edges were dry, I added two coats of the light green color (it looks white in the photo but it's actually a very light green-white called Folk Art).

 Then I worked on the drawer while the table was drying.

After everything was dry, I added three coats of semi-gloss poly (four coats to the top of the table).
And voila! Sophisticated Junk!

So there, I finally used my bright chartreuse paint! What do you think? Too bright or just right?

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