Saturday, January 18, 2014

China Cabinet -colors inspired by kantha blanket arm chairs-

I was commissioned to paint this china cabinet by a wonderful gal, Wendy. The cabinet was a hand-me-down from her mother, so she really wanted to keep it, but told me that she couldn't stand the way it looked. Wendy said it needed "funkification" and that I was just the one to do it.
Awwwee... isn't she sweet? She thinks I have funky talent! Warms my heart.
Wendy had just moved into a new house and gave me pictures of her new living room space. It was a REALLY nice home on the waterfront and I could tell she had an eye for artsy-fartsy, eclectic styles. JUST. LIKE. ME. So I knew we would get along. 
Then she showed me two new arm chairs that she just bought and I LOVED them!
(Confirming we should probably be designer BFFs.)

These awesome kantha blanket arm chairs gave me my inspiration for the cabinet's color palette.
I had to sand some parts of the cabinet and tape off the glass door to prep for paint.
But first, the primer of course.

After painting the side a light, celery green, I taped it off to create the diamond pattern.
TIP: remember to measure your center points so you can align your tape placement accordingly.
This ensures your pattern is also centered.

Here's the photo progression...

Seal tape; paint other parts while seal is bonding.

And tah-dahhhh... oh wait... what the?!!
While I did a GREAT job sealing my tape in the middle, I totes forgot to seal the edges! uhggggguh!

So ya, I guess I'm human after all. Shoot. 
Had to go back around all my edges and fix my time consuming, nearly-fubared mess.
But I eventually got it all back in order... and added a few coats of semi-gloss poly.
A new shiny glass knob
And this Junk has been Sophisticated!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Any chance of helping me locate those awesome chairs?

    1. Hi Lauren, aren't they so awesome?! They were purchased from Zulily, but unfortunately they've since been discontinued. :( Maybe you could find some similar fabric and upcycle some old chairs? Have you ever reupholstered anything?


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