Thursday, December 11, 2014

How to make lined Christmas Stockings -from burlap coffee bean bags-

Ok, so they might not be that great, but considering I've never used a sewing machine before, they're not that bad, right?!
I got better with each one so I'm SURE if I make another one it would be juuuuuuuust right.

Anyway, here's how this all started,
I had these burlap coffee bean bags and saw burlap Christmas stockings on Pinterest so...
yep, I HAD to try!

First, I had my friend give me a quick tutorial on how to use her sewing machine. WAY easier than I ever thought. I might even ask Santa for one now!

Ok, here we go:
I used freezer paper to trace an old stocking and made my pattern. If you use the shiny side of freezer paper and iron it on to your fabric, it will stick so you don't have to pin the pattern in place. Set your iron to medium to high heat.

When you peel the freezer paper off, you can reuse it. I used a lint roller to clean the burlap off and reused it for my stocking liner fabric (and for all my other stockings).
I will show you how I made, what I call, my red stocking.
Cut all your pieces and get your ribbon (or any embellishments) that you want.
On my other stockings I cut a piece for a cuff, and will show you that later.

Make the nice sides of the burlap fabric face each other and sew them together. Then iron the seams to set them, and to flatten out your work.

Cut off any extra fabric so it wont bunch up when you turn it inside out,
or I suppose I mean right side in.

 Turn it the right way and don't trim the top yet.

 I chose to sew on my decorative ribbons before I cut the top off.

 Then I made my lining.
Use the same freezer paper pattern, then sew the fabric with the nice sides facing each other.
BUT... IMPORTANT... Leave a hole in your seam somewhere on the back side of the sock. My hole was about 2 inches long, but I should've made it bigger/longer because the burlap is so thick.

Cut off any extra fabric and leave it inside out.

Next I made the loop hanger. I didn't take any good pictures of my red loop so I will show you how I made the green one. Start with a piece of fabric and fold it in half (the long way) and iron it for a crease. Then fold again and iron, and again and iron.
You want to end up with this, then sew the open side together to create this... When you fold it in half, it will become the loop to hang your stocking.

Ok, back to my red stocking...
Next, slide your burlap in to the liner like this.

With your loop facing the bottom of the stocking, slide it in between the burlap and the lining fabric and match up your top seam.
 Here's the green one for reference. (again forgot to take pics of the red one)

Then sew all the way around the top.
Next, pull the burlap through the hole and turn the whole lining out so you end up with this.

You will need to go back and sew your hole shut.

Then give it a good iron to flatten it out and push it in to the burlap.

AAAAND... here it is!!!!
Front and back.

If you want to add a cuff...

Cut it out, embellish it, and sew it on the top before you push it in the liner.
You need to measure a piece that will fit all the way around the top.

I cut mine extra long because I wanted it to overlap.
Then continue on adding the loop for hanging, sewing the top, pulling the burlap through the hole, etc., etc.
Font and back of my green stocking.

Here are all three! Font and back.

 Thanks for looking at my upcycled coffee bean bags! Please feel free to share yours!

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