Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pick the right KNOB for the job

Now that you've put in all that hard work to refurbish, please please please don't ignore the knobs. An ugly or boring knob can really take away the beauty that you worked so hard to create.  Take, for example, these original antique knobs. If you polish the brass, they have real potential, or at least in my opinion, the dangly pull does. The small round knob maybe not-so-much. But polishing would definitely help them both. However, I almost always replace them with something more colorful and modern.
I would rather use something like these from Anthropologie.

I would suggest not to go too matchy-matchy either because that can distract from the piece. Like if you have painted your dresser green, don't buy green knobs. Think of the color wheel and try to find a knob that's on the opposite side of the color of your dresser. Opposites really do compliment each other nicely and people will notice it's beauty, even if they don't know why.
See if you notice what I mean in these photos below... Not just the knobs, but also the colors of the dresser and drawers. You will see blue with red, blue with yellows, purple with gold/yellow, green with purple, orange and blue.
Sometimes I enhance the knob a bit by adding color. I use spray primer, spray paint, and then spray poly with a high-gloss sheen on the metal parts.

After you find the perfect knob, you may notice this... the back sticks out too far. If this is in a dresser that you'll be using daily, you will want to fix that.
Get one of these little hand saws with super fine teeth
Then use a piece of the protective plastic that comes on most knobs to cover the end of the sharp screw. Or you could sand it down if you don't have the plastic cover.
Many of the knobs and pulls I find are from Pier1 ImportsWorld MarketAnthropologie, and  Hobby Lobby. These places have great selections and I always check the clearance section first. In fact, I found 20 knobs for $5 from Pier1 just the other day!

 I love shopping for knobs and could do it all day.  Hope this gives you some inspiration.
Happy knob hunting to all!

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