Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Army Green dresser with Purple Ombre drawers and White porcelain rose knobs

This antique dresser was made to look like the first Military Green Purple Ombre Dresser that I made. A client wanted the first one but since it had already been sold, she requested I make another just like it.
I started with this.
It has beautiful curves, carved details, and deep drawers, but the wood was worn out.
 I chose to paint without priming first because this Clark and Kensington paint, from Ace Hardware, has primer in it and it really works! It took 2 coats.
Then I added the stripes on top.
TIP for straight lines: remember to seal the painter's tape and peel it back in an almost horizontal position.
 The purple I used is the same color as the bottom drawer. A deep plum color.
 A small part of the detailing was missing but, after painting, it becomes less obvious because the contrast of different wood tones is gone. What do you think?
And cannot forget to paint the inside edges so there are clean seams when the drawers are pushed in all the way. And use a small paintbrush to get in those tiny areas.
 I like to use flat paint and semi-gloss polyurethane. You can see how the poly starts to really bring out the color and vibrancy! I use three coats on the entire piece, but the top gets four.
 Here are some more before-and-afters
And yes, these are the original casters. Have to keep them!
Another Sophisticated Junk piece...

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