Thursday, November 14, 2013

Antique Pink Double Bed Frame

This old bed frame is part of a set that included a dresser and a vanity (that I painted completely different).
I was told that it was at least from the early 1900s, possibly older, but I really don't know it's true age. Either way, it's a beauty!
I started with this... and you can see the beautiful scroll work, but the wood was not so pretty and very beat up. Especially on the legs and inside of the footboard.
 I threw some primer and some color on it.
 Then added a chevron stripe, stepped back to look at it and decided it needed more color so I taped it off again for a hot pink stripe. You can see in this photo that I put poly on the bottom half because I wanted to protect the paint as much as I could before I continued. 
Also, notice how the semi-gloss poly really makes the color more vibrant.
 Then I made the legs and the carved detailing on the top of the headboard gray.
 And I couldn't forget to paint the inside of the footboard and outside of the rails.
I wish I had a brightly lit bedroom with fluffy white linens to stage it in so I could really see if it's cute or not, but I don't so... I don't know...
I'm still not totally satisfied with it. I don't think I should've added the chevron stripes...
or maybe they're just the wrong color.
What do you think?

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