Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1920s Antique Tallboy


So I found this tallboy dresser that someone was trying to get rid of because they were moving.
The owner said it had been in his family for years and figured out that it was from the 1920s.
It had beautiful wood grain, at least under all the years of grimey build-up.
The sides were ok, and the back was a disaster, but luckily, it's the back so who cares.
The top however, was in poor shape. I had to sand it and add wood filler. Then I primed it with tinted primer to seal the wood from moisture and future damage.
Then painted it in Evening Symphony blue. Not forgetting the inside of the drawers.
I also had to add drawers levelers (the little pieces of wood).
Best part of old dressers, besides awesome character of course, are the working locks!
And this one had a key!
Moving on to the dovetail constructed drawers...
I pulled them all out, added drawer liner, changed my mind on the liner that I used and switched it to something different. Something a bit more Sophisticated for the piece.
Then cleaned and polished the fronts to really make the grain stand out. 
And once again... Sophisticated Junk.

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