Sunday, October 13, 2013

Off-White and Gray Striped Dresser with Purple Accents

Well, this is one of those projects that I did without taking any pictures of the process.
So this post is to share the "after" photos, and the great story behind this dresser.
But first, here's the before...
This is Debbie's childhood dresser. Debbie contacted me through my facebook page and asked if I would consider refurbishing an old dresser that she had as a child. My answer..."of course!"
Debbie then shared with me that this dresser was donated to someone else after she outgrew it, then that person forwarded it on to another family member, and so on.
So needless to say, this dresser went through many households, and many years, before someone contacted Debbie, who is now in her 30s, to ask her if she wanted her dresser back.
Debbie, now pregnant, decided this dresser could use a makeover and used for her own baby daughter. How great is that?!
So I went to work... first order of business was to sand down the yucky old paint, then prime as usual, and paint it off white with gray drawers.
I also found this in one of the drawers. Debbie's original little-girl signature. How sweet! I just had to keep that! Maybe her new daughter will write her name in it too someday when momma's not looking.
I also added stripes on top, with a plum accent stripe that matched the same color I put behind the glass knobs.
 The colors aren't good in the photo because it was after dusk but the colors are off-white and soft gray (more true in the photo of the knob).
Here's the original hardware, guessing 1980s. Hehe, ew. :P
Thought about adding this hardware instead, but it was too pricey ($25 each) so I went with a basic, classy bronze.
And Debbie's dresser became Sophisticated, just like that!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Upcycled Purple Corner Unit

This corner unit was one of those pieces that your eyes don't even see in a room because it was so boring in its natural state.
It had scratches, water marks, and an overall dingy-ness to it.
I also wanted to add a pop of color so I chose hot pink in the drawer
and added a bit of the pink to the metal parts of this light turquoise porcelain knob.
The drawer front was also painted purple, but I chose to make it one shade lighter for more depth.
 And that's how I made this Junk, Sophisticated.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cucumber Chevron Table

This side table is a basic queen-anne style with cute legs, but the wood was no longer pretty on its own, at least not on top.
 So I added one of my favorite primers. This one is the oil-based cover stain.
Then I added my main color. Sort of a Celery color.
And taped it off with my favorite Frog Tape,
remembering to seal the tape edges with the same celery color.
Then I added my Cucumber green paint color. A few coats were needed.
And once it's peeled off, I added a few coats of semi-gloss polyurethane and voila!
This sweet side table looks so much better as Sophisticated Junk.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1920s Antique Tallboy


So I found this tallboy dresser that someone was trying to get rid of because they were moving.
The owner said it had been in his family for years and figured out that it was from the 1920s.
It had beautiful wood grain, at least under all the years of grimey build-up.
The sides were ok, and the back was a disaster, but luckily, it's the back so who cares.
The top however, was in poor shape. I had to sand it and add wood filler. Then I primed it with tinted primer to seal the wood from moisture and future damage.
Then painted it in Evening Symphony blue. Not forgetting the inside of the drawers.
I also had to add drawers levelers (the little pieces of wood).
Best part of old dressers, besides awesome character of course, are the working locks!
And this one had a key!
Moving on to the dovetail constructed drawers...
I pulled them all out, added drawer liner, changed my mind on the liner that I used and switched it to something different. Something a bit more Sophisticated for the piece.
Then cleaned and polished the fronts to really make the grain stand out. 
And once again... Sophisticated Junk.
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