Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Upcycled Orange and Turquoise Dresser with Porcelain Knobs

I've been wanting to paint something orange for a while but hesitated because I didn't know how well it would sell. Then I had a Facebook Page follower ask me if I could make something in orange for her and I jumped at the chance! 
I had this dresser that was structurally sound but pretty yucky. It had huge drawers that opened smoother than any other dresser I've ever worked on, no joke, they were smoooooth. And my client needed storage so this was the perfect piece.
I cleaned it up and had to use an oil-based primer on it because it was painted with oil-based paint. Tip: You shouldn't paint over oil-based paint and if you try, you'll soon find out that your paint won't last long on the piece. 
I added the first coat of orange and decided that the drawers should be a different color because I didn't want to make it overwhelming. I decided on turquoise for the drawer fronts.

And I chose some colorful porcelain knobs.
 Bottom knobs were red.
I loved the feet on this dresser.
 The entire piece was coated with polyurethane and this
Sophisticated Junk was delivered with success!

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