Saturday, April 6, 2013

Magnet Boards

I found these three junky frames from the 80's and new I had to help them.
First I obviously took the glass off and spray painted them these fun colors.
Then I painted several coats of magnetic paint on the glass. It comes in black only.
note: you can actually paint over the magnetic paint with any color, but I left it black.
Then reattach the frame and coat it with a quick spray of poly.
Here's the before and after of the frame up close. Doesn't it have nice detail?!
And it can be hung horizontally or vertically. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Drop-Leaf Side Table

Start with this piece of junk...
I started with the bottom of this table and taped off the hinges, then primed, and painted several coats of a soft yellow.
Flipped it over to do the same to the top.
I decided to stencil a pattern on top to make it more fun. Here are the materials I used.
I used a lighter shade of yellow for the pattern.
 After it was all dry I coated it with 4 layers of semi-gloss polyurethane.
Sophistication complete! It's now located in a cute little child's room.

Turquoise Sofa Table

Start with this junky table...
Throw some primer on it...
Then some nice light turquoise paint.
I also primed, painted, and sealed the hardware with a fresh white color.
 And on this sofa table I painted the inside of the drawers a darker turquoise.
 And there it is... sophisticated!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Brushes and Rollers

I use foam 95% of the time. Rollers for the big sections, brushes for the corners and details.
I prefer the small one-inch, two-inch, and three-inch sizes (depending on the size of the piece of furniture) but they do come in larger sizes.
And I always get the variety pack of the cheapest foam brushes.
I tend to steer clear of bristle brushes because I don't like paint lines UNLESS I'm trying to hide several imperfections. Then I use them for the primer, and a roller with a higher pile. Like this acrylic one.
Sprayers are good for that no-line, seamless paint job and can cost about $120 and up.
However, they tend to need more set-up and cleaning so only consider it if you have several large jobs, all in the same color, to do. Otherwise, stick to foam brushes and rollers.
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