Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paint Swatch End Table

This retro table was topped off with Martha Stewart paint swatches, and repainted a dark turquoise called "Evening Symphony."
First find a cheap Mad Men style table. I even found one where someone else tried to "refurbish" it.  I know... YIKES! It was like one of those ugly pound puppies that's so cute you have to take it home to save it. And who am I to reject a pound puppy?
First steps, primer and paint
 You will want to grab some free paint swatches and lay them out in a pattern that you like. I chose a herringbone pattern. 
 I used mod podge (thinned a bit with water), but I'm sure any glue/water mixture would probably work. Paint the mod podge on the back of the paint swatch (instead of painting it on the table) and apply it to the table.
 Cover the entire surface with several coats (following manufacturer's instructions) letting it dry between coats. And if you notice the pieces that hang off the edge... well, once I cut off the excess, I used those pieces to fill in the small triangle areas on the edge (instead of wasting a whole new swatch for it).
Then sand down the rough edges, and apply another coat of mod podge.
Once it's all dry, I had to repaint the top edge blue to fix all my sand-papering lines.
Again, let it all dry.

Sand, prime, paint, and seal-coat the handles to match.
AAAANNNDDD... finally, protect the entire table with several coats of polyurethane.
Done! A Sophisticated Junk table with a really smooooth finish.

 Has anyone else tried this??? I would love to know how yours turned out...

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