Friday, August 3, 2012

Vintage UpCycled Turquoise End Table

Well, the economy has hit me too and I am now looking for ways to bring in some extra cash. AND, I happen to be very crafty (so I tell myself). I have been on Pinterest's "DIY and crafts" section pretty much every night before hitting the sheets and keep thinking "I could totally do that!" Sooo... I tried it. Here's my first project, oh crafty one.
First, I found this old, worn-out vintage table with good "bones" and went to town. I sanded, primed, and painted it a soft turquoise blue called "surfer".  I also painted the original hardware a glossy black. I don't know if most old tables have faux drawer handles or if I got a lucky one, but ya, this hardware is just that, hardware. No drawer. But because it was original to the table, and I thought it was a cute detail, I kept it. Take a look...

Cute, right? I realize the blue in the  top (and this last) picture is probably making your eyes blind, but it's actually a softer turquoise. I promise. One may call it more of a soft "Tiffany" blue.  The picture of me painting it blue seems to be a truer color. 

Anyway, now for the hard part. Selling it. How the heck do I do that and how much is the darn thing worth?! I mean, to me, it's worth a ton 'cause I spent so much freakin' time on it but I know I have to be somewhat realistic, right? ('Cause I need the money.)  Also, I have no idea how to ship Sophisticated Junk like this or how much it costs, so I think I'm gonna keep it simple for this first attempt and sell it locally.
Ok, so who wants to buy it? Or at least give me some tips for selling or improving my Junk.

Thanks a bunch! -JG

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